Bloomington Crime Prevention Association

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 Recent Grants

Fiscal Year 2020 BCPA Grant Awards

 The following organizations (listed alphabetically) have been awarded grants for 2020.

The grants total $78,500.

 Bloomington Police Department (NNO, Block Captain’s Workshop, Citizen’s Academy, +)
Change the Outcome (Substance Use Disorder)
Cornerstone Advocacy Service (School based Services Program)
Elder Voice Family Advocates (Educating Elders on Abuse)
Galaxy Youth Center (Middle School Youth Center)
Kennedy High School (After School Activities Program)
Northern Star Scouting (Youth Diversion Program)
Oasis for Youth (Homelessness Prevention)
Tree House (Transportation Program)

 An additional $5,000 was allocated (for when requested) to the following:

 Jefferson High School (in school) 2021 Graduation Party
Kennedy High School (in school) 2021 Graduation Party
Law Enforcement Scholarships